A Festive Occasion

The delightful Holly came to me with the task of creating wedding stationary for the marriage of her and her partner John. The two had enjoyed many a festival over the time they had known each other and they wanted to emulate this casual party feel throughout their big day. The evening setting was the beautiful Rivington Hall Barn, featuring high arced ceilings with huge saxon beams and decorated with hundreds of fairy lights. The surrounding area stretches as far as you can see with pretty fields and woodland, which on a balmy summers night would only add to the festival feel.


Photo Credit : http://www.rivingtonhallbarn.co.uk


mood board


The colour scheme was to be a paired back palette of blues, purples and pinks, leaning more towards the tones that you’d find in a field, not that on a promo poster. Pantone 240C (pink), Pantone 2656C (purple) and Pantone Process Blue C (blue). These bright colours worked well with black and white accents.


Graphically they wanted something fairly simple without to many elements. The background was striped to just two tones of blue in a simple sun ray formation. To soften the look I added some elegant swirl vectors and dainty white hummingbirds, a nod to the whimsical magic intended of the day. The predominant typeface used was ‘Bebas Neue’ which for the main title was finely stroked and a drop shadow applied. Secondly I used ‘Rosewood’, a western style serif font, often bringing a retro American desert scene to mind. Lastly I also incorporated a script font called ‘Yellowtail’ keeping this in a small point size, it worked well to add a touch of fun to the design.



For guests I produced day and evening  invitations and an information card detailing the local hotels and messages such as suggested gifting. For the day itself I was also asked to create a seating plan (A2 board), table names (A5 place cards) and some A6 name tags that could be  connected to lanyards for the VIP guests.


Wedding Stationary

Wedding Stationary

Wedding Stationary




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