Bee Close Ups

My friends were kind enough to give me a nice nickname – B. Not after Beyonce (unfortunately) but because I’m normally pretty busy and smaller than the average 12 year old (at 5’0″). Plus, its simple, my surname begins with B. I’m secretly chuffed that this nickname caught on, I do like bees. They aren’t an insect you need to swat away (take note wasps!) they just get on with what they’re doing, hopping from flower to flower. And they do make great models, the time they take to suck up the nectar gives you a good chance at a decent shot and luckily this little guy was hungry…

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the detail (shot on a Canon SLR) but would love a lens that gave me even more detail on those flimsy wings. I particularly love the shot that is a little blurred giving the pollen on the bee the illusion of glowing fairy dust – no photoshop needed!

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