So Wrapped Up

It is awful that I have the capability as a graphic designer to create my own stationary yet i still choose the easy option of nipping to Tesco and picking up a cheap roll of wrapping paper. Whilst Christmas was looming late in 2016, I made myself a promise, no purchasing of bulk produced goods the year. NONE.

Like a little elf I got to work quickly on a repeating pattern that featured the common Christmas paraphernalia; presents, crackers, gingerbread men… you know the ones. I stuck to what I’m good at, simple freehand Illustrator sketches with a clean look and a hint of playfulness. Colour-wise, there’s so much you can do for Christmas nowadays, no need to don the traditional bright green and red. I was stuck between gold and black luxury and a muted palette of bright sweetness, in the end using one for cards and the other for paper. I also changed up the scale to suit the size and added a little note to the cards.

The printing gods at came up with some really nice goods, a heavier-than-normal stock of wrapping paper with a shine finish and print precision on the gorgeous laid greetings cards. They were even kind enough to feature my work on their blog HERE.



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