Hi, I live here.

A while ago I made the scary but exciting decision to up sticks and move 350miles away from family and friends to the alluring shores of the south west cost. Two weeks in and I’ll fairly certain I’m going to love it here. Nothing can replace family and friends you’ve known since school, but the sights and sounds of Cornwall have a soothing effect that instantly make you feel at home. I feel blessed to be living two minutes from the sea with miles and miles of coastline to be explored, the therapeutic sound of the ocean and quiet country paths for thinking time. My mind is buzzing with the potential for new creative projects inspired by life surrounded by rugged nature which I can’t wait to get started on.

I’m On The Photoshop Express

I recently got a the new iPhoneSE (hurray one that actually works finally!) and was so excited to get snap happy on my recent trip to the south coast. I’ve previously tried carrying a SLR around with me but honestly, its a hassle. They’re heavy and there’s lots of putting away and getting back out and keeping protected from the (imminent) rain. This was so convenient to pull out at a seconds notice. I also downloaded the Photoshop Express and Photoshop Fix Apps (full version is free for Adobe cloud members) and was pretty impressed with its capabilities. Here’s what I created with essentially free camera and software…